Public Holidays and Observances API

Tap into our RESTful API calendar database and use it to display the dates of public holidays and observances in your application. The database covers over 200 countries worldwide, and it is constantly being updated and extended.

Over 200 Countries Supported

Our end-to-end platform offers the most comprehensive holiday and
working dataset of over 200 countries around the world.
Below are the list of countries we currently support.

Are we missing your country? let us know!

Reasons to choose us

Unparalleled in delivering Holiday data. Our API powers applications
of top fortune 500 companies and this is just a few reason why they love working with us.


We use latency based DNS routing to serve over 90% of all requests handled in less than 10ms.


Our cloud-based auto-scaling servers can handle over half a billion API queries per day.

Up to Date

Our data is aggregated and verified from multiple sources and updated regularly.

Plans & Pricing

Choose a plan that fits your needs, we believe in having a simple and afforable pricing model
Need more? Just drop us a line and we will set up a custom solution for you.


$ 0 /month

  • 1000 API Requests/Month
  • All Supported Countries
  • 1 request per second
  • Data Limited to Current Year
  • Basic Support
  • Non commercial use only
  • Attribution Required


$ 10 /month

  • Unlimited API Requests
  • All Supported Countries
  • Unlimited request per second
  • Premium Support
  • Historial & Upcoming Holidays
  • Commercial Use
  • No Attribution Required


$ 300 /year

  • Unlimited API Requests
  • All Supported Countries
  • Unlimited request per second
  • Priority Support
  • Historial & Upcoming Holidays
  • CSV/MySQL Data Download
  • Commercial Use