First of all, do you know when is World Students Day? Many people don’t know that it even exists – and this includes thousands of students worldwide! The World Student Day is celebrated on October 15 of every year starting from 2010. Also known as the National Students’ Day, this is the date when we recognize the contributions of young people studying in academic institutions all around the world. 

In this post, we’ll explore this day and its history, as well as give you a few ideas for World Students Day activities. 

The National Students Day: What It Means

Students have a lot on their plate. The higher they climb on the educational ladder, the more pressure and obligations they face. It’s definitely not easy, which is why they deserve a day that celebrates their accomplishments and hard work, one where they can come together and make connections. 

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As we said, World Students Day is celebrated on October 15, but how was it created? 

In 2010, the United Nations General Assembly decided on this date. The idea was to mark the birth of late APJ Abdul Kalam and acknowledge his efforts, as well as praise the hard work of students worldwide.

We know Abdul Kalam as the ‘People’s President’. This man was a statesman and aerospace scientist from India, as well as the 11th president between 2002 and 2007. Kalam was born on October 15 of 1931 in Rameswaram. He was a passionate student, politician, and teacher. 

His significant achievements are an inspiration to all, especially to his students. Above all else, Kalam worshiped his career as an educator. He provided inspiration to his students through his insightful lectures. 

History tells us that Kalam believed that students are the future of the world and have the progressive minds that can take us further. In all of his roles, he identified himself most passionately in that of educator, preaching that teachers are responsible for educating students for their future. 

The October 15 importance lies in Kalam’s love for education and students. 

How The National Students Day is Celebrated throughout the Years

Every year since 2010, this day is celebrated with a unique theme and message. The occasion is considered a very important annual event, so schools all around the world organize events, campaigns, as well as discussions based on the yearly theme. 

Here are the themes in the last 2 years:

  • 2021. In 2021, the theme was “Learning for people, planet, prosperity and peace”. The idea was to strengthen the role of education in the world and society. 
  • 2022. Last year, the theme for the World Students’ Day was “the transformation of education begins with teachers”. On 15 October of 2022, the student world were celebrating the impact educators have on their future and learning. It’s a day that recognizes the right to education and the power teachers’ yield. 

The Significance of World Students’ Day

As we are slowly approaching October 15, we need to remind ourselves of the big significance of this day. It’s not just about Kalam’s birthday. Here are the main reasons why we celebrate it:

  • To commemorate the work of Kalam and his fondness for teaching
  • To reiterate the importance of our students’ education
  • To recognize the Fundamental Right to get education
  • To recognize the importance and work of teachers around the world

As a day for every student in the world, October 15th is a day that promotes inclusion and diversity. It celebrates students from all backgrounds, races, religions, economic status, and more. It is a day that encourages education and above all, celebrates students’ hard work and achievements. 

Wrapping Up

There are still many countries in the world that don’t mention or celebrate this day, but the trend is growing. All over the world, students and teachers are starting to recognize its importance, and commemorate it with special events based on the annual theme. If you haven’t been celebrating it yet, the time to start is now. Students are our future, so they deserve to be celebrated at least once a year!

Author’s bio

Jeremy Bumgardner is an academic content creator. His job is to write essays and tackle research projects for university students. In his spare time, Jeremy enjoys travelling with his family and his dog. 

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